Manual lymph drainage is a theraputic massage and is most recommended by surgeons in order to acclerate a patient’s recovery process. The earlier inflamation, and thus the tension and loss of movement that comes with it, disappears the quicker the patient will be able to re-incorporate into their daily life. Postoperative lymph drainage should not be done by non-professionals, as it requires a specific and precise technique. The massage provides asense of comfort and relief in congested areas. Doctors usually recommend starting the treatment between 24 to 48 hours post-procedure, and depending upon the conditions of the patient, one should plan out the necessary sessions for a quicker and full recovery. We are able to provide service at the patients home for those who require it.
- In the field of oncology, it is particularly suitable for treating lymphoma or lymphatic complications after surgical treatment.
- Manual lymph drainage is also highly recommended for patients with edema, restless legs, etc. in order to improve lymphatic circulation.
Susana Baca is our specialist and is in charge of manual lymph drainage massages. She is a qualified therapist, with more than 20 years collaborating with the most prestigious surgeons.


Micropigmentation is semi-permanent makeup made from natural pigments. The treatment is non-painful, thanks to the use of topical anesthetics, and don’t cause allergic reactions of any kind. The results last between 2 to 5 years, depending on the skin and the area where it is applied. It is used for two purposes: MEDICAL and COSMETIC. Recommended for the following cases: burns, vitiligo, alopecia, allergies to cosmetics, loss of vision, under oncology treatment and to camouflage scars from abdominoplasty, cesarean scars, areolas, mammoplasty, accidents, etc., in order to match the color of the skin or cover it with an illustration.

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We offer you patterns to follow so that you can realize your beauty by maintaining your style or if you prefer, we can also help you to find a new style that fits more closely with your personality. We will show you how to bring out the best of you for whatever occasion.

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In MF we offer a wide range of services, not only to prepare you for operation processes but also to help you recuperate from them in the best conditions and with the greatest brevity possible

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