"I’d say it’s the makeup of the future."

“I’m a partner and a client of Maribel and I think that, more and more, women look for a balance between practicality and keeping themselves aesthetically tidy. In the past, women were spending a lot of time in front of the mirror, but not anymore. Values change, we have less time and, even if beauty is still important, comfort plays a major role. The micropigmentation is really practical and you win time, I’d say it’s the makeup of the future.”

  • (Agata) (Agata)

    "It helped me keep my expressivity
    I felt more comfortable and strong
    to face that stage"

  • (Maria Crespo) (Maria Crespo)

    “Even after getting out of the swimming pool
    I maintain my good looks"

  • (Dolores Vidal) (Dolores Vidal)

    "I wanted to highlight my features
    in a natural way"

  • (Sara) (Sara)

    "I work as a model,
    image is very important to me"

  • (Nieves) (Nieves)

    "Since 20 years ago, I have
    constantly had good looks"

  • (Esther) (Esther)

    “Micropigmentation gave me back the look
    I had before chemotherapy.”

  • (Nia)

    “I’d say it’s the makeup of the future.”